Access = Success

Like most good things, it started with some creative, committed people asking, “What if…?”
What if more Oregon students could attend the UO? What if we made it affordable—like, no-tuition-or-fees affordable? What if we helped more students graduate on time? What if more rural Oregonians, students of color, and first-generation college students had support navigating the ins and outs of university life?

The answer? PathwayOregon.
The UO’s promise that academically qualified, Pell-eligible Oregonians will have their tuition and fees covered. And receive the support they need to succeed, from orientation to graduation.

Myesha Abdulrahman in her cap and gown
Myesha Abdulrahman Will Never Forget That Letter.

“I write to congratulate you on being selected as a PathwayOregon program participant,” it said.  It took a minute to figure out what, exactly, PathwayOregon was all about. Then it clicked. Her dream—of a good education, a promising career—had suddenly gone from seemingly impossible to starting-right-now. She was going to college.

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Making College Affordable.
For More Oregonians.

Rural students. Students of color. Students who are the first in their families to attend college. Oregon students who will thrive at a top-tier research university with an innovative program of financial, academic, and social support. PathwayOregon students.

62% of PathwayOregon students are first generation students compared to 25% of non-Pathway residents

40% of PathwayOregon students are students of color compared to 24% of non-Pathway residents

12% of PathwayOregon students are from rural areas compared to 6% of non-Pathway residents


President Michael Schill speaking with a group of students
Access and Opportunity

In his inaugural all-campus address, University of Oregon President Michael Schill details his first major policy initiative, a plan to ensure that more Oregonians have access to the UO, and the opportunities an education at a top research university provides.

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The graduation gap between Pell and non-Pell Oregonians was 13% before PathwayOregon. The graduation gap between PathwayOregon students and non-Pell Oreginians was less than 2% the year PathwayOregon started.
Closing the Gap

The year before PathwayOregon launched, the six-year graduation-rate gap between Pell-eligible and other Oregon students was 13 percent, about the national average. Just one year later, that gap shrank to less than two percent. Because that’s what students can do when you remove the barriers to success.

Providing Access, Opening Doors

“To be able to say to a Federal Pell Grant-eligible student, ‘You can come to a major research university, you can have the full college experience and not have to worry how you’re going to pay your tuition and fees.’ That’s an incredible thing.”—Jim Brooks, assistant vice president for Enrollment Management

Donors Make the Difference

PathwayOregon is funded by a combination of state, federal, and donor dollars. Your gift to PathwayOregon makes dreams of college a reality for deserving Oregonians.

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The Right Path

If you’re an Oregon high school student wondering if you can attend the University of Oregon, PathwayOregon might put that dream within reach. It’s the UO’s promise of full tuition and fees for qualifying Oregonians.

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