What People are Saying About the Knight Campus

What People are Saying

People at home and around the country are weighing in on the University of Oregon’s new Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact.

“This is a seminal moment for the University of Oregon, an inflection point that will shape the trajectory of the university and this state for the next century and beyond. Thanks to this amazing and generous gift from Penny and Phil, we will aggressively recruit and hire talented new researchers to join our world-class faculty to amplify what we do best—interdisciplinary scientific research.”

— Michael Schill
President, University of Oregon

“In an age of declining public support for scientific research generally and declining public higher education support specifically, Penny and I are delighted to contribute to these critically important areas. While not without risk, we believe the expected societal returns from such investments are high. And here at home in Oregon, we believe the potential to arm our talented young people with the skills and tools they will need to have a lasting impact on the world and to pursue rewarding careers makes such investments essential.”

— Phil Knight, BBA '59

“My congratulations to the University of Oregon, and my thanks to Phil and Penny Knight for their unprecedented generosity and strong commitment to academic excellence. This gift offers the university a wonderful opportunity to support regional and statewide economic development through its core mission to educate and prepare students to be Oregon’s next generation of transformational leaders.”

— Kate Brown
Governor of Oregon

“Phil and Penny Knight have once again stepped up with their extraordinary generosity for the academic benefit of the University of Oregon and the economic advance of our entire state. I very much look forward to working with my alma mater to leverage this special philanthropy into building on the university’s strengths for decades to come.”

— Ron Wyden
Senator from Oregon

"Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Knight family, the University of Oregon can accelerate the impact of science and create innovations that will change the world. This transformative gift will take Oregon higher education to the next level for many generations to come."

— Jeff Merkley
Senator from Oregon

“Where would we be without the generosity of Phil and Penny Knight? This exciting new initiative at the University of Oregon holds tremendous promise not just for our state, but also for the world. Progress often starts in classrooms and laboratories, and, with this gift, scientists in Oregon are poised to make life-changing advancements for many around the globe.”

— Greg Walden 
Congressman from Oregon 

“This is a terrific extension of Phil and Penny Knight's strategic philanthropy, finding areas of maximum impact and discovering a perfect home and subject at the University of Oregon.”

— Earl Blumenauer
Congressman from Oregon

“This incredibly generous investment into the University of Oregon will set the stage for a new generation of scientific discovery and innovative solutions to some of our country's greatest challenges. Today is another great day to be a proud Oregon Duck.”

— Suzanne Bonamici
Congresswoman from Oregon

“This new, transformative initiative is a defining moment for research in Oregon and the world. Not only will this program stimulate scientific advancements, but it will also create countless jobs for Oregonians and economic opportunity for our communities. I look forward to the many innovative discoveries and products from this program, and am excited for the next generation of scientists to come from Oregon.”

— Kurt Schrader
Congressman from Oregon

“One of my favorite phrases – which came from a faculty member right here at the UO – is that 'innovation occurs at the intersection of disciplines.' The Knight Campus will foster that interdisciplinary work, accelerate that innovation, and ultimately result in untold positive impact.”

— Chuck M. Lillis
Chair, University of Oregon Board of Trustees

“This new research campus in Eugene is a transformative development for the state of Oregon and creates a powerful new platform for collaboration and partnership between scientists and researchers at the UO, OHSU, and other institutions. The goal of that collaboration is to put Oregon at the forefront nationally when it comes to research facilities and activities aimed at solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.”

— Dr. Joe Robertson
President, Oregon Health and Science University

“Phil and Penny Knight have made a remarkable investment in Oregon’s flagship research university. Their generosity reflects the quintessentially American virtue of private giving to strengthen our intellectual infrastructure and our country’s future.”

— Mary Sue Coleman
President, Association of American Universities

“This is the most important gift in the university's history. It's a gift that will keeping on giving: to future students, to our economy and to future state revenues. We owe a big thank you to Phil and Penny Knight.”

— Lee Beyer
Oregon state senator 

“This extremely generous donation from Phil and Penny Knight is an investment in and huge statement of confidence in the University of Oregon and President Schill. Students and the country will undoubtedly benefit from the teaching and cutting edge research breakthroughs that will be achieved thanks to this funding. The impact of the University of Oregon and public research universities is profound and this gift is of the highest importance.”

— Peter McPherson 
President, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities