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Corona Corps member Jordan Bankes wearing a mask and working on a computer
Students Stand up to COVID-19

Meeting the virus head on, UO Corona Corps student staff members care for hundreds exposed in the community, and a new care team serves and supports sick students.

How the Corps Works


Students walking through campus near Johnson Hall during the fall
Start Your College Search from Home

Our virtual Duck Preview sessions let high school seniors explore the UO's academic programs and learn about the admission process, financial aid, residence life, and more.

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Artworks on the wall in the Lyllye Reynolds-Parker Black Cultural Center
A Momentous Anniversary

Adapting to a mostly virtual world, the Lyllye Reynolds-Parker Black Cultural Center has built strong bonds and provided support and pride for Black students, faculty, and staff.

Reflections and Future Plans




Nestled between rivers, mountains, and a rocky coastline—we’re all about beautiful contrasts.

We’re relentlessly innovative, but grounded in a history we’re constantly learning from. We’re thinkers who create, builders who dream, adventurers, and change agents happily rooted in our own personal arboretum.

We love technology and nature, abstract art and discrete mathematics. We believe in respect and inclusion, conversation, and collaboration, and we’re always interested in diverse perspectives.

So don't you want to be a Duck?

Why UO?


student to teacher ratio


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Business Majors Venture Out

If you have a passion for business, we have the path. At the University of Oregon, we offer concentrations that cover the world of business, including entrepreneurship, sports business, finance, marketing, accounting, and operations and business analytics.

Whether you want to start your own firm or join a Fortune 500 company, our Lundquist College of Business will give you the hands-on experience to get there—fast.

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Dr. Bronwyn Baz in her white coat and stethoscope

“I received an excellent education at the University of Oregon. My faculty mentors offered great support, pushing me appropriately to excel in both music and science. They believed in me.

“Students deciding on a college should consider the UO as much as an Ivy League or private school. I serve on medical school admissions committees, and I can tell you that your state school can give you a great education. It’s what you make of it.”

Dr. Bronwyn Baz, BMus ’95 (music performance), BS ’00 (biology), lead pediatric physician at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

Adam Markle holding a video camera

“My sociology courses taught me to look at the world from different perspectives and ask critical questions. What I learned at the university shaped the kind of stories I wanted to tell—and how I wanted to tell them.

“I produced a documentary about migrant farm workers in Southern Oregon, and I chose to make it 80 percent of my grade. I ended up spending 15 hours a day in the editing room—and realized I was enjoying it.”

— Adam Markle, BA ’03 (sociology), Emmy-winning cinematographer and documentary filmmaker



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A Place for Curiosity

Ducks dive into research to find answers to some of humanity’s biggest questions. We’re using big data to save and improve lives, striving to predict earthquakes and prevent deadly disease. We’re combining expertise across disciplines in math, biology, and genomics with bioengineering, neuroengineering, and precision medicine to fight cancer.

We’re re-defining research education with the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, shaping the next generation of scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, ready to serve the state, nation, and world with discovery and impact.

Oregon Research


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Tier 1


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of Knight Campus internship graduates are employed within 3 months
Calin Plesa
Improving Ways to Synthesize Genes

Synthetic biologist Calin Plesa, a scientist in the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, was part of a team that dramatically increased a gene synthesis method that promises to help researchers understand how mutations give rise to disease.

Synthesizing Genes

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The city and UO will celebrate the opening of the two-lane corridor Oct. 23-30

The move will allow more voluntary tests of employees and off-campus students

Eric Holder will give a virtual address as part of the center's 20th anniversary

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Exhibit: Timber Culture
Event: Exhibit: Timber Culture
Exhibit: Timber Culture Oct 19 Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
Marina Hajek 1989 – 2020: A Retrospective Sample
Event: Marina Hajek 1989 – 2020: A Retrospective Sample
Marina Hajek 1989 – 2020: A Retrospective Sample Oct 19 Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
Bike Rides - Self-Guided Tours
Event: Bike Rides - Self-Guided Tours
Bike Rides - Self-Guided Tours Oct 19 Outdoor Program, EMU Office on 13th street
River & Lake Self-Guided Tours
Event: River & Lake Self-Guided Tours
River & Lake Self-Guided Tours Oct 19 Outdoor Program, EMU Office
Self-Guided Hikes
Event: Self-Guided Hikes
Self-Guided Hikes Oct 19 Outdoor Program EMU Office - Outside posted on windows - along 13th street
Peer Wellness Chit-Chats
Event: Peer Wellness Chit-Chats
Peer Wellness Chit-Chats Oct 19 Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
SNAP Drop-in Assistance (In Person)
Event: SNAP Drop-in Assistance (In Person)
SNAP Drop-in Assistance (In Person) Oct 19 Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
Let's TeleTalk: LGBTQIA+ Support
Event: Let's TeleTalk: LGBTQIA+ Support
Let's TeleTalk: LGBTQIA+ Support Oct 19
Gender, Race, and Identity in the 2020 Election
Event: Gender, Race, and Identity in the 2020 Election
Gender, Race, and Identity in the 2020 Election Oct 19
UO Club Tennis Team at OSU Fall Invitational
Event: UO Club Tennis Team at OSU Fall Invitational
UO Club Tennis Team at OSU Fall Invitational Oct 20 Corvallis, OR

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