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With a flexible, collaborative, and adaptable culture, we’re one of the top universities in the nation when it comes to translating research discoveries into products, services, and impacts for the greater good. In fact — as measured by the volume of our licensing of UO patents, inventions, and programs by outside entities — we rank first overall in the Association of American Universities.

Our innovative spirit is fueled by a desire to solve real-world problems and improve current conditions. Such entrepreneurship creates jobs, increases state and national income, delineates the cutting edge, and gives back to society. We’re speeding research discoveries into impacts for the greater good. From the laboratory to startup to industry standard, we actively nurture every stage of the technology transfer process.

Our leadership spans education, biotechnology, life sciences, and more. The College of Education’s industry-standard assessments and interventions reach millions of students in tens of thousands of schools. Meanwhile, the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact is charting a new course for innovations in human health and life sciences. Faculty startups like NatureQuant enable faculty from across campus, including human physiology and prevention science, to collaboratively address some of the most pressing issues of our time. We’re launching startups, filing patents, creating new entrepreneurial programs, and enriching more lives than ever before.

More About Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the UO

Stories of Impact

Knight Campus lab worker filling testing equipment with a pipette

Launch Oregon takes startups to new heights
Newly formed company accelerates the University of Oregon’s commercialization pipeline

women innovators at uo

UO network cultivates women entrepreneurs
The Women's Innovation Network (WIN) brings together UO community and entrepreneurs to overcome gender-based barriers

jeff sorensen

Center offers a head start for UO students interested in startups
Director Jeff Sorensen brings bold ideas for expanding scope and impact of innovation center

eyeball next to data

UO earns $1M to design next generation network monitors
Computer scientists seek ways to quickly detect network attacks and performance problems

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Oregon Innovators

beth stormshak

Beth Stormshak

Phillip H. Knight Chair and Professor, Counseling Psychology and Human Services

Faculty Profile

chris minson

Chris Minson

Professor, Human Physiology

Faculty Profile

keat ghee ong

Keat Ghee Ong

Professor, Knight Campus

Faculty Profile

robert guldberg

Robert Guldberg

Vice President and Executive Director, Knight Campus

Faculty Profile

darren johnson

Darren Johnson

Professor, Supramolecular & Materials Chemistry

Faculty Profile

liz budd

Elizabeth Budd

Evergreen Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology and Human Services

Faculty Profile

nichole kelly

Nichole Kelly

Evergreen Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology and Human Services

Faculty Profile

nick allen

Nick Allen

Professor, Clinical Psychology

Faculty Profile

julie sykes

Julie Sykes

Professor, Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics

Faculty Profile

ben aleman

Benjamin Aléman

Associate Professor, Physics

Faculty Profile

ellen eischen

Ellen Eischen

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Faculty Profile

sean lockery

Sean Lockery

Professor, Biology, Neuroscience

Faculty Profile

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