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Heal faster. Be healthier. Live better.

Buoyed by three new NIH grants totaling nearly $5 million, Knight Campus researchers are merging engineering, science and medicine to improve health.

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Ducks dive into research to find answers to some of humanity’s biggest questions, in areas like climate change, education, health and disease prevention. We’re striving to predict earthquakes, building better medical devices, designing clothing that fits every body, and informing wildfire policy decisions. We’re redefining science and research education for the 21st century, shaping future generations of scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are ready to serve Oregon, the nation, and the world.

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Who We Are

The University of Oregon is defining a public university of the future by focusing and strengthening research, teaching and public service excellence efforts across strengths in the environment, data science, innovation, sport and wellness and diversity. 

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Knight Campus

The Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact embodies a new paradigm for pioneering scientific inquiry that accelerates the cycle of translating discoveries into innovations, products, or cures. The Knight Campus was made possible by a $500 million lead gift from Penny and Phil Knight in 2016 and followed up with a second $500 million gift in 2021.

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Record Grant Funding in 2021 

Grants to UO investigators are funding projects examining the impacts of climate change on biodiversity, a push to make artificial intelligence technology more widely accessible, a multi-university institute devoted to racial and climate justice and other high-impact research across disciplines.

A Record Year

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An Environment of Innovation 

The UO creates a fertile environment where new ideas, products and processes with social or economic impact can thrive.

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“From ground-breaking fundamental research to developing real world, applied solutions via commercialization, the UO brings to bear the finest minds to today and tomorrow’s challenges that we face in the 21st century.”
Anshuman ("AR") Razdan, Vice President for Research and Innovation
Where the Research Happens

The UO Research Core Facilities accelerate research. 

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New research in mice sheds light on the seemingly random brain signals that hum in the background of brains
saber tooth bones
The cat-like creature was hiding in plain sight—and prompted scientists to re-think the evolution of nimravids
Passive solar energy could help reduce fossil fuel dependence
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UO researchers aid LIGO project in search for gravitational waves

The ongoing research collaboration, which aims to reveal the secrets of black holes, just released more data

Black Holes