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The University of Oregon is a launch pad for students interested in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In all our classrooms and laboratories, we advance knowledge by applying fresh and innovative ideas to real-world issues.

Experience the excitement of scientific discovery at the UO.

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STEM Programs at the University of Oregon

At the UO, you’ll meet researchers, teachers, and mentors who share in your thirst for knowledge and discovery. Our degree programs give you a firm foundation and open doors to undergraduate research, funded fellowships, and internships.

Newest Programs

Data science is for you if you are someone who not only wants to learn what you can do with data – but also wonders what you should do with it. You will be competitive for data scientist positions in industry, including data analyst, quantitative analyst, data engineer, and artificial intelligence/machine learning engineer.
Neuroscience is for you if you are interested in learning more about the relationship between the brain and behavior. You will be prepared to pursue health-related careers, such as medicine, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, or science-related government, nonprofit, and health industry jobs.
From geotagging and geocaching to finding a place for coffee, spatial data science and technology is for you if you ask questions about how spatial processes can shape climate, fire, and water; food; politics; and economies. You will be prepared for one of the most rapidly growing career paths in today’s economy.

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Additional Undergraduate Programs

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Clark Honors College

A white lab coat and test tubes. That’s what generally comes to mind when you think about research, but at the Clark Honors College it is so much more than that.

As part of the honors college thesis, each student will conduct original research with the support of a faculty mentor from their major department.

Honors College Admissions

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